Everything changes

Everything changes

I have waited a few weeks. If you haven’t caught up by now then what in Westeros are you waiting for? But, just in case there are any Game of Thrones fans out there who have not yet reached the end of season five then beware, spoilers abound below. You have been warned.

They killed Jon Snow!

This is it. The jumping off point. I do not know what happens next. The Red Wedding? I was waiting for it. Joffrey’s demise? Knew all about it. Ned’s head? Saw that coming, even if he didn’t. But this, this is different. We may have read A Dance with Dragons but we do not know Jon’s fate.

In some ways, the television series is ahead of us readers: Ser Barriston Selmy, Stannis Baratheon, they would not be best pleased with the way the small screen has dealt with them. Tyrion reached Meereen and Daenerys, a trick he has yet to manage in print. And yet, even then, the television series has still not caught up completely. My personal favourite rabbit still to be pulled from its hat: a surprising return in A Storm of Swords that we have yet to see on film.

They are messing with us, and it is brilliant. We are beyond the books; we are all in the dark.

Beware, here be dragons.

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