What is a journal for?

What is a journal for?

What is this journal for?

It is not a blog; I have one of those (and you can read it if you like, by clicking here). As it is not a blog, I do not feel the imperative to rush out a new entry on a regular basis. My planning and scheduling are firmly attached to my other website.

And, if it is not a blog, then it does not need to have an overarching theme; there is no message that I am trying to deliver.

It is not a diary. If it were, it would be full of the mundane and the dull (quiet at the back, I heard that). It would also be appearing significantly more frequently than it is.

So what is it?

Looking back, over my shoulder

Let us look back at what it has covered so far. A welcome; a signpost to a twitter happening; a reminder that Christmas was approaching (you can thank me later); a self-congratulatory pat on the back for appearing on another website; a social media revelation; a reminder that I do, occasionally, write stories; a wander down memory lane to the battlefields of my youth; an excited spluttering about Game of Thrones. A mixed bag, you could say, and you would be being kind.

It is the manifestation of the thoughts in my head as sparkly little pixels on your screen. It is me writing down whatever I felt like writing down at that particular moment in time. It is something, and it is very much nothing. It has no particular reason for being; but then, who does?

And that is remarkably freeing. Because I have just remembered something very important: this is my website, my little corner of the internet, and I can write whatever I like. A thought pops into my head – I can write it down.


However. I do not wish this to be an outpouring of every confused thought that tumbles through the synapses of my brain. I do not want that. You certainly don’t. There will be some level of filtering, of self-censoring. I’m not saying that you will only get the good bits – I mean, I would like to put something up here more often than that – but you will get the things that I genuinely find interesting, or that I am trying to puzzle out, or that I think you might want to know about.

The trouble is, of course, that I have no idea who you actually are. So how can I know what you want? I’m not psychic. You will have to bear with me on that front. Or you could tweet me, or email me, or even leave me a comment below. But you don’t have to, of course. That comments box is your little piece of my little piece of the internet – we have some sort of website Russian doll thing going on now – please use it as you like.

And I will be back with a new journal entry just as soon as an interesting thought has popped into my head.

Don’t wait up.

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