Back in the summer of ’79

Back in the summer of ’79

Hmm, that’s not quite correct now is it? My apologies to Bryan Adams.

This is a short, short journal entry about an even shorter story. I recently stumbled across a challenge on Chris the story reading ape’s blog: can you write a story in exactly 79 words? Well that was a challenge that I could have a go at – after all, it was only 79 short words – and so I put fingers to keyboard.

My 79 word story appears on Chris’ blog here and, while you’re there, please also have a look at the earlier entries (linked to from that page of Chris’ blog). There is a lot of invention being crammed into 79 words.

(This journal entry by the way, clocks in at 121 words, just so you know… 125 now… 126 now… 127… I give up!)

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