The Liars’ League

The Liars’ League

Stop what you’re doing.

Hmm, on second thoughts, stop everything apart from reading this journal entry. You can carry on doing that. But stop everything else.

What are you doing next Tuesday? Nope, that’s the wrong answer. What you should be doing is getting yourself along to Cavendish Square in London to watch, listen and enjoy the Liars’ League, who are performing five different short stories all inspired by the 150th anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I have enjoyed a sneak preview of the tales and you will be in for a treat. Plus I also understand that there are nibbles.

This event (click here for the facebook event details) will include a reading of my story A Very Important Meeting; my take on the Alice story for the office generation. I am very honoured that they have chosen to include my tale and my only regret is that I won’t be able to be there myself to hear it being performed. Most of the time it is great being stuck down in deepest Devon, but not when you would quite like to be in London listening to the Liars’ League.

The event will be recorded and I will post the link to the recording once that is available. But a recording is no substitute for the real thing, so why not make an evening of it and enjoy some outlandish tales in the comfort of the Phoenix. Be there or be a giant white rabbit.

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