Prints of darkness

Prints of darkness

I’m not often one to blow my own horn, but…

What a great start to a sentence. This sets up the fact that I am just a mild-mannered, humble bloke without any pressing desire to tell you all about me. But… Now I’m going to tell you all about me! Well, it is my journal after all.

And, whilst not one prone to blowing my own horn, I would like to mention that I recently received a copy of the January issue of Devolution Z magazine in the post. Y’know, the one that has my name in it.

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Sorry, I’m going to need to sit down

This is a bit of a watershed moment for me: I have never before had my name in print. Actually in print, as in printed in something. It has appeared on several websites before now (plus a programme at the Liar’s League event), but never in actual black ink on the pages of something with an ISBN.

For someone with a big bookshelf of books, this gives me a disproportionate thrill.

I do realise, of course, that this is just a very small step. Lots of people have their names printed in books and magazines; this is really nothing special. But, like several other things (that I won’t mention here for fear of making you blush), your first time tends to hold just a soupcon more meaning.

When I started this site, I had a hope that I might find a way to write stories. With this, my first paid piece, I am hopefully taking another step in the right direction. And, did I mention? It’s available in print format. You can hold it in your hands and everything.

Not only that…

What I hadn’t realised, until it popped through the letterbox and I sat down to read the magazine, was that my submission – Dredged – was the only story selected from the New Year’s Terror call-out. The stories were put to a vote, and the editorial team opted for mine. So thank you, editorial team at Devolution Z; people of fine taste, the lot of you.

If you’re rolling your eyes at this point then I say, fair enough. If you can do that and read this journal entry at the same time then you are more ocularly gifted than I. But I did warn you at the top that this one was going to be all about me, so you really have no room for complaint. If you want something more fulfilling to read than this self-glorifying twaddle, then why not go and get yourself a copy of Devolution Z? It’s available in print, don’t you know…


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