They’re like buses

They’re like buses

Journal entries, that is. You wait an age for one and then…

So why the sudden flurry? This time around it is because I have something to sell you. An evening out, full of lies and laughs. Tales of mistakes and missteps. Ladies and gentlemen, the Liars’ League would like to tell you some tall tales.

You may remember that it was the Liars’ League in London who were the first to say “yes” to a Recycled Words story. My Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland-inspired story was part of their November 2015 event. And now, in the tradition of all good sequels, we’re off to New York! Well, it worked for Home Alone.

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Do you walk the mean streets of New York City? Do you, perhaps, know someone who does? Or know someone who knows someone? Someone whose second cousin’s hairdresser does? Good. Tell them all about it. The more the merrier.

If you cannot make it in person (sadly, I can’t) then the podcast and the recording will be on their website shortly thereafter. But if you can: go on, a great evening is bound to await.

Liars’ League NYC is recorded live at the East Village’s famed KGB Bar, the well-loved home of literary events and readings in New York since 1980, on the first Wednesday of every other month. Entry is free – but you might want to come early to make sure you get a seat.

Anyone who’s anyone is on Facebook these days (sadly, I’m not) and if you cool kids can share the love on Facebook as well then that is very much appreciated. Surely some of your friends must be Big Applers. Big Appleists. I’m not sure of the correct term. At any rate, the event is listed here.

And finally – and this may be of interest to all writers – the event is also listed on the Poets and Writers site here. I had not come across this site before, but it looks like it has a pretty handy events list for anyone based in the US.

Please spread the word. It would be brilliant if you or someone you know could enjoy a great evening out listening to some stories being performed. Mistakes await.


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