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Close your eyes, sit back, and listen…

What do you hear? Hopefully you will hear the gentle theme music introducing another Carried in Waves competition entry being broadcast on UCC 98.3FM. Hopefully you will hear my story: A Day to Forget.

The Carried in Waves competition ran last year, asking for short stories, with the winners being broadcast during 2016. A Day to Forget made the longlist and, after the great success they had broadcasting the winners, they have begun to broadcast the longlisted stories. You can find it on Soundcloud here, read by Adrian Scanlon.

And when you have finished with A Day to Forget, I strongly recommend listening to the winning story: The Mystery of the Missing Finger and the Dead Cat. It is brilliantly written and read, and has been listened to over 12,000 times already. Why not add another listen to that magnificent number?


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