National Flash Fiction Day is coming

National Flash Fiction Day is coming

The fifth National Flash Fiction Day will be rolling around on 25 June. That’s less than a month away, for anyone not near a calendar.

As part of the NFFD celebrations a call went out for microfiction: stories of 100 words or less. Over 500 entries were received and I was thrilled to have one of mine – The Cartographers – selected for the long list of 24 micro stories. You can read the top 10 entries here, including a brilliant one-word story. Less is often more.

For more information on NFFD events please head over to their website. Why not get involved in this celebration of the short, short story form?

And, as a bonus, you can read The Cartographers right here. Don’t worry, it won’t take you long!

The Cartographers

The cartographers came to fill in the gaps. They painted hills and valleys, drew rivers and forests, marked out tracks in the dirt. Our horizons were sketched and we stood at the edge of the village to marvel as they coloured in the landscape around us.

What once was empty was now redrawn.

I thought of her: the one who left. The one who walked away into the white emptiness.

The cartographer was packing away his brushes when I approached. I gave him a smile. Don’t suppose you’re any good at hearts?

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