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Quick as a flash

And, just like that, it was over. No, not that. Not Thursday, not Europe. I mean National Flash Fiction Day. All day yesterday a flood of stories filled the internet, as the Flash Flood Journal pumped out a new tale every ten minutes. Too many for me to keep up with, but that just means there are loads left to read when I need a quick pick-me-up this week. You can find all of them at the Flash Flood Journal.

If you were up at 2:30 in the morning – what’s that, you weren’t? – then you may have seen these few paragraphs flash past your eyes. The Rest is Up to You was my contribution to the flash flood and will remain up on the Flash Flood Journal for all time (or until the end of the internet, at which point I’m sure we’ll all have other things on our minds).

More! You want more?

If you crave even more flash fiction then the NFFD Anthology is available for sale: A Box of Stars Beneath the Bed, featuring my story A Box of Stars Beneath the Bed. Yep, I’m still chuffed to have been chosen as the title story. I’ll stop mentioning it soon (*crosses fingers behind his back*).

a box of stars beneath the bed jon stubbington national flash fiction day anthology 2016

It is available in paperback and Kindle versions.

And if that still isn’t enough flash for you, why not pop over to the Twisted Tales competition to vote for your favourite flash in their competition? Raging Aardvark are collating a collection of stories with stings in their tails (tales?), to be published as an e-book and – later in the year – a paperback anthology. The longlist has been announced and, to keep you entertained until the final announcements are made, they are also running a Peoples Choice competition: all of the entries are available online and you – the people – can vote for them.

My story Pumpkin is available to read here (as are all the other entries) and you can vote for the twisty, turny tale that grabs you the most by using this link. Remember, it’s all for fun – pick your favourite and cast your vote. The results will be announced on 16 July.

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