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Recycled Words is expanding

Recycled Words is undergoing some changes. Positive changes; the kind you want to tell people about.

Yes, this started as a website all about my writing (and you can read more about that here) but I see Recycled Words as being about so much more than just that. The eagle-eyed among you will have spotted the Photography section that I added to the site recently. And that was just the beginning, with a new Art section coming to the website in the very near future.

Which means you will be able to see more photographs, not to mention artwork, of which – for now – I can offer you this tantalising glimpse…

work in progress wip red tulip illustration


Recycled Words is expanding

Expanding from being “just” a website into a place where you can come to enjoy my photography, explore my artwork, and read my writing.

All sorts of work is happening behind the scenes to turn Recycled Words into the website and business that I would like it to be. As well as the Art section, a shop will soon be added to the site, from where you will be able to browse some of my favourite pieces of art and photography. I am very excited to announce that the first batch of greetings cards have been dispatched from the printers and my initial set of photo prints are being prepared right now.

And, as well as the online shop, I will be getting out and about to share these first pieces with real people. People like you. So please come and see me at the Ashburton Art and Craft fair on Saturday 13 August, where I will be displaying my art and photography (directions and details at the bottom of this post). Entry is free!

Something new

This is a new venture for me and, also, a new adventure. I am not yet certain where it will lead, but I am certain that it will be interesting. Already, I have met several new and interesting people and I am learning a lot: about my craft, about business, and about me.

Recycled Words will be kept up-to-date with news, updates, and progress and I hope you will join me as I grow this website into something (possibly) bigger and (definitely) better. I would also love to hear what you would like from Recycled Words. Please get in touch with any thoughts, comments or suggestions via the Contact page or tweet me at @recycled_words.

The Ashburton Art and Crafts fair will be held at St Lawrence Chapel from 10 to 4 on Saturday 13 August. There are directions and car parking details here.


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