What’s in a name: why Recycled Words?

What’s in a name: why Recycled Words?

Update: If you’re reading this and thinking, “what’s Recycled Words?”, then this page might be for you…

I have been asked on, literally, some occasions, why I am branding myself as Recycled Words. What’s the story there? you have asked. Why that name? Well, read on and I shall explain all…

It is now the autumn of 2016 and I am going through the process of setting up a small business, starting with a range of greeting cards. Why? Because I believe that there is a market for greeting cards and I am confident that I have the skills to design and create some unique and interesting greeting card designs.

So far, with 12 designs up already in my Etsy shop, I have been able to flex both my artistic and photographic muscles. But art and photography are not my only interests.

I am also a keen, enthusiastic (and predominantly an amateur) writer. Over the past twelve months I have written and submitted several short stories and flash fictions to publications all around the world. Some have been successful. Some haven’t. But a slow momentum is gathering pace behind them and I have a couple of upcoming publications, including the release of one of my flash fiction pieces this weekend.

At this moment in time, though, a small business my writing does not make. It is enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding. But a money-spinner? Not yet.

Choosing a name

So when I was setting up my business, I decided to concentrate on something that might make me some money. You know, so I can eat. And thus my range of recycled greeting cards was born.

And I was keen, at the same time, to build on the foundations of what I enjoy doing: writing. This website was created to house some of my writing, and the name was chosen to accompany it. Why Recycled Words? This short piece tells the story more eloquently than I plan to do here.

The name stuck, and Recycled Words has expanded into art and photography, as well as words.

The choice was rather fortuitous, as it turns out. The “Recycled” part is a key driver behind all that I am doing now, with my cards all being produced on 100% recycled card, packaged with 100% recycled envelopes, and even coming with a fully compostable biodegradable bag. Doing things in the best way possible is important to me. Recycled Words is an ethos as much as a name.


And as for my writing, I’m still plugging away. Practice may not make perfect, but it makes for much better writing. Each rejection is a chance to re-read and re-evaluate what I have written. Every acceptance, an opportunity to celebrate the things I am getting right. Maybe one day it will turn into a money-maker for me. Even if it doesn’t, it is something I will happily continue to do.

Enough about me. Time to get reading. You can read free short stories and flash fiction here on Recycled Words, in the Stories section of the site. I also keep a list of all past and upcoming publications, in case you’re keen to track down more of my writing.

Recycled Words: more than just words.


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