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A hunting we will go… The Monster Hunters are back

Storytelling: it’s why Recycled Words exists. My artwork, the short stories, even this Journal, storytelling is ultimately what it’s all about. I try to tell a story in words, or through making ink marks on a page. And I also enjoy celebrating other people’s stories.

The Monster Hunters are back. Back for a 3rd series of their excellent horror comedy show. They’ve battled vampires, creeping plant creatures, the legendary Beast of Albion, and almost every other monster imaginable. All with their bombastic 1970s style, a love of scotch, and the best brain this side of Ulm.

Roy Steel – yes, the Roy Steel – is a friend of mine, so I cannot claim to be entirely impartial when it comes to recommending The Monster Hunters to you. But it doesn’t mean I’m wrong either! Listen along to their back catalogue, as well as the all-new 3rd series, and see (or hear) what I mean.

Talking of seeing… I am also extremely pleased to report that I have drawn The Monster Hunters. I’m thrilled that part of my illustration is currently adorning their twitter banner.

monster hunters twitter illustration

This was a really fun piece to pull together, drawing on some of the in-character photo shoots that Matthew (Roy Steel) and Peter (Lorrimer Chesterfield) have done in the past. As a newcomer to the world of art and illustration (at least in a professional capacity), I am still learning where my strengths and weaknesses lie. Roy Steel’s jacket took three attempts, whereas Lorrimer’s suit was a one-and-done. Why? I wish I knew.

But I learn as I go. And, hopefully, I improve as well. One thing that is certain is that you never stop learning or developing, whether that be writing, drawing, or creating comedy podcasts. Just check out that ace new theme tune for a great example of just that very point.

Want a werewolf tale (tail?) for your Friday? Head over to The Monster Hunters website right now to hear the first episode of series three. Enjoy…

Update: The full poster (artwork by me, text and layout by The Monster Hunters) can now be seen below. You’re welcome.

monster hunters horror comedy podcast poster illustration

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