Something hopeful: a timely update on a new anthology of hope

Something hopeful: a timely update on a new anthology of hope

It’s been a while. Sorry for not writing sooner. Life just kind of got in the way, you know how it is.

But writing is the theme of today’s little update. In particular, a piece of writing I did last year for an anthology of poetry and flash fiction called A Furious Hope.

A Furious Hope is an anthology of poetry and flash fiction that explores hope from every angle and in every form.

Which feels timely, doesn’t it? Maybe the world could do with a little hope right about now.

I am thrilled to be part of this anthology, from poet and artist Zelda Chappel, and I am looking forward to seeing this in the flesh. It will be out in the spring and you can pre-order a copy right now for just £10. Head over to the brand new and shiny A Furious Hope website to secure your copy.

There will be some exciting content coming to the A Furious Hope site between now and launch (I can’t reveal what just yet, but I’m sure you will like it). Check back regularly to see the latest news, or connect with them on Twitter or Facebook to keep up-to-date.

As for recent writing over here at Recycled Words HQ, I’m afraid it has been noticeable by its absence. I am concentrating on growing my art and illustration business and that has seen me swap my writing pen for a drawing one. This is an exciting time for my fledgling business and I am happy to be spending my time working on some interesting illustration projects. Writing will find its place again soon, I am sure. After all, there are stories stuck inside of me that are itching to get out.

Speaking of my illustration business, please check out my Commissions page if you have a project that you would like illustrating. I am available for art and photography commissions and projects, both for individuals and for companies, organisations, and publications. I would love to work with you on your next exciting project.

Until next time, keep hopeful.


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