Here’s a poser for you…

Here’s a poser for you…

Sorry, that should have read: here’s a poster for you. A poster.

Here it is…

king kong skull island alternative movie poster, fan art

That’s a lot of hair, you may be thinking. Or, that there is some well-placed shadow, saving us all from the awkwardness of the pose you have chosen to depict. Or, why are you telling us about this?

Well, to answer your questions: it is and it took ages; I know, but it was necessary for all our sakes; and, you’ll have to read on to find out.

The point of mentioning it today is to highlight an important point I’ve stumbled into in my first few months in business.

You need inspiration

As an artist, inspiration is the spark that ignites the fire in the machine that churns out the product you make. (My metaphor is strictly early-industrial-revolution-era, by the way. Nowadays you could say it is like bytes or circuitry or some similar simile, but I’m not going to pretend I understand enough about the inner workings of a computer to make metaphors from them.)

Inspiration is the thing that gets you going and sometimes it can be hard to come by.

In many ways, I am lucky. I live in Devon, on the edge of Dartmoor, and that means that I don’t have to go too far to find something inspiring. Most of the art and photography in my shop is inspired by the natural world around me.

Sometimes, however, inspiration can be hard to come by. And that is where other people can help.

For example, the poster above is not – and you may be surprised to hear this – directly inspired by the Devon wildlife. Rather, it is in response to a creative brief posted by the excellent alternative poster site Poster Spy. They allow artists to upload their alternative movie, television, and music posters to their site, and they also collaborate with studios on official competitions. Such as the opportunity to win the chance for your Kong: Skull Island poster art to be displayed at screenings in London and LA.

The competition is tough, don’t get me wrong. There are some excellent poster artists out there creating some amazing alternative poster art. And that, as well as the creative brief itself, is inspiring. I would not have made this poster if it weren’t for the Poster Spy competition.

Also, I would not be inspired to keep making better work, if it weren’t for the other artists also on that site. Having that level of quality on there pushes me to improve. Compare my A Monster Calls effort (not so good) with the Kong one above. I think my work has improved.

It can always be better of course, but I think I learn something every time I try a new poster design.

a monster calls alternative movie poster, fan art

And learning new things is another nice thing about poster design. I find that different styles lend themselves to different posters, such as this stripped-back take on The Empire Strikes Back. which couldn’t be more different from the intensely-haired Kong up at the top of this post.

empire strikes back star wars alternative movie poster, fan art, lightsaber, luke

Trying new things is inspiring in itself. And sometimes a little inspiration is exactly what we need.

Now, I’m off to lie in a dark room and not think about inking gigantic ape hair. See you next time…

See all of my alternative posters on Poster Spy:

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