Judging a book by its cover – a new resource for authors

Judging a book by its cover – a new resource for authors

I love books. We have heaving shelves of them that testify to the truth of that statement.

I also love stories. After all, that was the original starting point for this site.

Recently, my focus has been on getting my illustration business off-the-ground, not to mention my shop over on Etsy, and that has meant that I have not had so much time for stories, whether that be writing them or reading them. I’m keen not to drift too far away from the written word, however, and I have spent a lot of time recently getting to grips with what could be an exciting bridge between the worlds of words and artwork.

3d book cover design example

Cover yourself

Books are judged by their covers and I’m sorry to say that some (probably) excellent books are let down by what goes on the front of them. This can be particularly problematic for people looking to self-publish their book. The marketing might of a publishing house will not be behind the self-publisher and their book has to stand on its own on the overcrowded bookshelves (be they virtual or wooden). A great cover will do several things for the self-publishing author: it will grab a potential reader’s attention, it will communicate some key messages about the book, and – we all hope – it will encourage people to dive in and read the actual words inside. Because, ultimately, that’s where the magic is.

If you’re a self-publishing author, you are also a publisher. And it is with your publisher’s hat on (you know, that snazzy one with the feather in it) that you must decide on the best course of action to take with your cover. But you’re really a writer, not a publisher, and you may be wondering where to go: How do I find a cover artist for my book? What constitutes good cover design for an indie novel? Where can I get help with my book cover? All good questions.

Well, I have something that might help.

I have trawled through the websites of the major print companies (the KDP’s, Create Spaces, and Ingram Sparks of the printing world), scoured bookshelves, laid my hands on some great fonts, and applied my illustrating arm to the subject of book cover design.

Cover design for self-published authors

I have prepared a new page on this website, and it’s all about book cover design. If you are an author wondering where to turn to find information about cover design then this page is for you.

It’s a one-stop-shop to get you thinking about your cover design, giving you the information you need to move forward. Read this and you’ll be several steps closer to that classic cover you always hoped for.

It’s all free and you will find it right here.

Cover design by Jon Stubbington

How does this help me bridge the gap between my illustration work and my love of words and stories? By giving me an opportunity to show off an author’s creative typing with my own creative art-ing. (That’s a word, leave me be.) Let me add my illustration to your writing and we’ll create a cover that sells your story in the best possible way.

I won’t create pre-made covers (where your name and title and pasted in to an existing design). Instead, I offer custom covers, created to a brief and unique to the story in question. You can find out more about what to expect when you hire me over on my new book covers page.

I understand that you will want to try before you buy, so I have created a range of sample covers (remember, these are examples, not pre-made covers) demonstrating a range of styles and genres.

[tesla_portfolio title=’ ‘ category=’books_portfolio’]

If you see something you like, why not get in touch to find out how I can help bring your book cover to life. Drop me an email at jon@jonstubbington.com or visit the Contact page.

Until next time…


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