A century of Something Wild – 100 photos from 2017

A century of Something Wild – 100 photos from 2017

You may remember that I have set myself the challenge of getting outside and grabbing a photo, every day, throughout the whole of 2017.

Although this may not seem like that much of a challenge, it is designed to make sure I step away from my desk and take a moment to re-appreciate the wild world outside my front door. Every day.

The aim is not necessarily to capture the best photos of my career (although I am not aiming to take too many dull shots!), but to see something previously unnoticed, overlooked, or just a transitory image from each day. Something that marks that moment. Something Wild.

We are now over 100 days into 2017 and, to mark that milestone, I have collated the first 100 Something Wild photos for you. Enjoy…

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You can see all of these, plus behind-the-scenes and work-in-progress shots from my art and illustration work, over on Instagram

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