‘Crossroads’ for Zero Flash magazine

‘Crossroads’ for Zero Flash magazine

Last time on the blog, I announced that I had joined the group of illustrators working on the Zero Flash website.

Today, I’m pleased to share with you my first Zero Flash illustration:

Zero Flash logo October 2017 jon stubbington crossroads flash fiction

Zero Flash use two types of illustrations: a story-specific piece to accompany each month’s winning flash fiction, and a new site image/logo for each month of the year. This illustration – ‘Crossroads’ – is the site logo and header image for October.

As for story illustrations, I have been tasked with illustrating September’s winning flash fiction story, so I am warming up my drawing hand and scribbling down suggestions as we speak.

Stay tuned for my illustration for Janelle Hardacre’s ‘His Chair’ coming soon!

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