‘His Chair’ – New artwork for Zero Flash

‘His Chair’ – New artwork for Zero Flash

It’s always nice to create art.

It’s even nicer when you help someone tick some ‘firsts’ off a list.

As part of my new role with the Zero Flash team, I will be contributing some illustrations to accompany the winning entry from their monthly flash fiction competition. And first up was September’s winner, ‘His Chair’ by Janelle Hardacre.

But I’ll let Janelle tell you all about that:

I’ve ticked off another writing first this week. I’ve had some wonderful bespoke artwork created to accompany my flash fiction ‘His Chair’, which won first place in last month’s Zeroflash competition. (I still can’t quite believe that one). It’s amazing to see how someone else has interpreted my words and the images the story conjured up in the illustrator’s mind. I’m delighted with it. Thank you so much, Jon Stubbington.

Read the whole post and see the illustration on Janelle’s blog: My very own story artwork – by Jon Stubbington

Look out for further Zero Flash illustrations from me in the coming months.

And while you wait, why not wander over to the Art Gallery right here on my website to see what else is in my portfolio. If you like what you see and you need your own illustrations created, please get in touch at jon@jonstubbington.com

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