The Game is Afoot

The Game is Afoot

Welcome to 2018 and to my blog

That’s right. Welcome to the blog.

Formerly known as the Journal, I have finally given in and decided that calling it anything other than a blog is counterproductive and, quite probably, a bit of an affectation.

Blog it is, then.

What’s to be found here?

As we cantered towards the end of last year, I decided to look back and read some of my blog entries with dispassionate – and slightly tired – eyes. I’m sorry to say that, with a few exceptions, I found the whole thing a bit boring.

True, there were bits and pieces of news.

Yes, I posted some art and linked to a few videos.

Of course, I didn’t set out to bore anyone with my witterings.

But if I can’t excite myself (quiet at the back!) then I’m probably struggling to keep you interested.

Time for a change!

It’s time to make this Journal blog interesting again.

It’s Holmes time

This year – 2018 – I will be blogging about Sherlock Holmes.

Oh yeah! That’s right. I have my finger on the pulse of modern Britain. Just call me Mr Zeitgeist.

But there is method to my madness. Consider this:

  • I wanted to set a regular illustration challenge for myself, to keep pushing me to draw different things
  • I needed it to include figures, as that’s an area I want to improve upon
  • It should also be a springboard for conversations about aspects of what I do
  • I really like books, and reading
  • I have the Complete Sherlock Holmes sitting on my shelf

The solution was – wait for it! – elementary.

Discounting the final short stories (more on that decision in a later blog post), and including the four novels, there are 50 Sherlock Holmes stories to play with. One story and one illustration per week, and I will be looking at a challenge to last all year.

So that is what I will be doing, in between my getting-paid-money-in-exchange-for-services-rendered illustration work.

And that is what you will be able to read about right here.

Currently, I have plans for about half a dozen different blog post topics, meaning there is a great deal of scope for this to branch off down hitherto unknown diversions. If there’s something you want me to talk about, then leave a comment below.

Beyond Sherlock

While Sherlock Holmes may be the medium through which I discuss different things I want to talk about, it is not the only thing I am planning to include in this year’s blog.

Whether it’s adventures across Dartmoor in search of new views to draw, or explorations of the environmental impact I am having as a business, there are many things for me to get my teeth into. And all of them, I hope, will be more interesting to write about, and more interesting to read.

News! News! News!

As for that troublesome news, which peppered my posts at the tail-end of 2017, there is an obvious home for all of that: my newsletter.

If you haven’t done so yet, please sign up for my (ir)regular updates, direct to your inbox.

As well as that, keep a watchful eye on my facebook, twitter, and instagram accounts, where I will share updates and news as it happens. Or, at the very least, not too long after the fact.

With no time to waste, I’m off to sharpen my pencils and to start sketching Sherlock.

See you next time…

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