Bigger, greener, quicker

Bigger, greener, quicker

No, not the Hulk. Although he is big, green, and quick.

Today I want to tell you about some important changes in my online shop.

Y’know, this one

My artwork is not only getting bigger, but also better.


Last year, thanks to demand from you, my customers, I introduced larger-sized versions of my Devon and Dartmoor artwork. As well as the A4 prints, I now offer A3 poster-sized versions.

These larger versions really show off the colourful designs and, being A3-sized, are exactly the right size to fit readily-available, off-the-shelf frames.


I chose a print company here in Devon to produce the A3 prints and, while I have been very happy with the quality, I was disappointed that they did not offer an option to use recycled paper. As you know, my A4 prints are all produced using environmentally-conscious printing methods and are printed on 100% recycled paper. I wanted to offer something similar for my larger A3 prints as well.

So I kept looking and I am very pleased to announce my A3 poster prints are now available on 100% recycled paper.

Not only that, but the new printers I have chosen are a certified eco-friendly print company. You can find out more about them and the steps they take to protect the environment on their website.

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Because my A3 prints are produced on an on-demand basis there is no wasted stock. You order from me and I place the order with my printer. Once they have produced the print, I check it and then get it sent out to you in the post.

The exciting thing about my new print partner is that they are also quicker. With a faster turnaround, you will not be waiting as long to get your hands on your new A3 poster print.

That’s a win-win scenario if ever there was one.

devon artwork, print, poster, digital art, dartmoor, spitchwick, wild swimming, river

And even greener

There is even more great green news.

I use a different print company to produce my t-shirts and tote bags. They are also an on-demand printer: you order from me, I give the order to them, and they print and post your t-shirt or bag straight out to you.

I have chosen this option because, again, this prevents wastage and I am pleased to report that the printers are also an environmentally-conscious print company.

The good news is that, from April 2018, all of their packaging will be biodegradable or recyclable. No more plastic!

Another win for the environment!

Can we do better?

Of course we can. There are always more things we can do to better-protect our environment.

But these are good steps forward and I am proud to be able to offer you artwork and illustrated designs that comes on recycled and organic materials, and is protected in recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable packaging.

Happy shopping…

See the whole range of A3 and A4 prints, t-shirts, and tote bags.

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