Pre-made book covers

Pre-made book covers

What is a pre-made book cover?

If you are an independent author, looking to self-publish, then you need something to go on the front of your book. This may be a virtual cover for an ebook or a physical, hold-it-in-your-hands cover for your paperback.

But where do you get a cover from?

You can make it yourself. But, this often leaves you with a cover that looks as though you made it yourself.

You can use the cover tools provided by whichever print company you are using. This is a low-cost option, but pretty restrictive when it comes to choice and flexibility of design.

Or you can buy a book cover from a book cover designer. And this is where I come in.

But what is a pre-made book cover?

We’re getting to that.

If you decide to invest in a bought book cover then you have a wealth of options open to you. And a wide range of prices as well.

Up to this point, I have concentrated on custom book covers. These are (mostly) illustrated covers and each one is created specifically for an individual book.

cataclysm tommy clark calvin reads the bible donnie herron book cover design by jon stubbington

We work together on the design, taking inspiration from your story to create a cover that fits your genre and the tale you are telling.

That’s a custom cover, but what is a pre-made cover?

Although I keep my prices competitive, custom cover design can be more expensive.

Each cover is discussed, designed, and revised specifically around your book, which takes a little bit of time and costs a corresponding amount of money.

And I appreciate that not all indie authors are able to, or want to, invest in a custom cover. But that shouldn’t mean you’re excluded from my cover creation services.

Which is where pre-made covers come in.

affordable pre-made premade book covers by jon stubbington

A pre-made cover is one that I have already designed. I have created the artwork that goes on the cover and I have selected the fonts for the title and author name.

You can browse the gallery of pre-designed covers and pick one that goes well with your new novel. I then personalise the cover for you by adding your tile and name, together with any tag lines of series titles.

What do I get for my money?

You can choose to purchase the cover for an ebook, or for an ebook and a paperback.

pre-made book cover what is included ebook paperback

Of course, if you order a paperback cover, then you get to add your blurb and any other relevant information to the back cover as part of the personalisation.

Simple and straightforward

My aim is to keep the cover creation process as simple and straightforward as I can. That way there are no surprises and no hidden extras.

All of my pre-made ebook covers are £55

All ebook and paperback packages are £75

And if you want to choose from the list of optional add-ons, then there is a set price for those as well.

Can a pre-made cover be customised?

Yes. If changes are needed to the artwork then it is possible to do that. This will become a custom cover and there will be a charge for the artwork and design changes.

The exact price for customising a pre-made cover will depend on what changes you require, so get in touch and ask for a quote.

Where can I find your pre-made book covers?

In order to keep things simple and straightforward, I have launched a brand new site, dedicated solely to my pre-made covers. It’s called

You can browse the range of affordable pre-made book covers and pick out and purchase a brand new cover.

You can also find out how the personalisation process works and find answers to all your pre-made book cover questions.

I want more information about pre-made covers…

If the above links leave you desperate for even more information about pre-made book covers, then check out the new series of articles I am writing over on

With more on the way soon!

View all the available covers and purchase your new book cover today


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