COVID-19 coronavirus and my shop – UPDATED

COVID-19 coronavirus and my shop – UPDATED

Update: 8 May 2020

Starting today, I am reopening to new orders, both here on this website and my Etsy shop.

In order to minimise the amount of contact I have with others (to keep everyone as safe as possible), there are some restrictions on what is available and how quickly orders will be shipped.

Which prints are available?

I am open to orders for any prints that I have in stock.

At this time I will not be taking new orders for prints that are not held in stock. This is so that I do not need to put my local printer at greater risk by requiring him to process new print orders for me.

The shop has been updated with the latest stock numbers so if a print shows as available to purchase then it is in stock and ready to go.

When will orders be shipped?

I will only be posting orders twice a week. Please be aware that this means that it may take a little longer for your print to reach you.

All orders placed from Friday until midnight on Monday will be processed and posted on Tuesday.

All orders placed from Tuesday until midnight on Thursday will be processed and posted on Friday.

What has changed?

All across the UK we are adapting to a new normal.

At the beginning of lockdown it felt appropriate to close my shops in order to help reduce the burden on the Post office and Royal Mail and to give me time to work out an appropriate way to continue processing your orders.

I believe I am now able to do that as safely as circumstances allow and I can now reopen the shop with a restricted number of prints on offer.

Thank you for your patience while the shop was shut and I look forward to posting you a print from Devon.

Original post: 30 March 2020

Last week, the UK was placed into a form of lockdown, with many shops being told to close their doors and the Government instructing everyone to Stay Home unless absolutely necessary.

As things stand, I am allowed to continue to run my online shop (both here on this website and on Etsy) however I have taken the decision to temporarily close both shops.

If you would like to still support my online shop, and get yourself something to look forward to once the lockdown has lifted, then you can still buy gift cards for my shop. Delivered electronically, the gift card can be used once the shop has reopened.

Why has the shop shut?

There is increasing strain on Post Offices and Royal Mail staff to continue operating under these new and unusual circumstances. Important deliveries still need to be made, getting the things that people need delivered to their doors. I am hesitant to add to their burden at this time with non-essential deliveries.

This decision is the one I have come to, based on my particular circumstances. I am in the fortunate position that my business does not rely solely on the sale of prints through my shop. My illustration business is largely conducted digitally, with communication over the phone, Skype, and email, and the finished products delivered electronically.

Other creatives and small, independent retailers are not in the same position and I fully understand why other online businesses are keeping their shops open. The Royal Mail is continuing to deliver letters and parcels and the Post Offices are remaining open. For some people, receiving something through the post will be an important part of getting them through these difficult days of isolation.

Jon Stubbington Illustration is still open

The illustration side of my business is continuing and, like many other freelance creatives out there at the moment, I am actively seeking new work to help see me through the difficult weeks and months ahead.

If you are looking for book covers, book artwork, or portraits of yourself or your pets, then please get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe.

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