jon stubbington illustration book cover design

I’m Jon, a UK-based artist and freelance illustrator known for my book illustrations and cover designs

Based in Devon, South West England, I work across several genres, including fantasy, science fiction, and horror, creating fully illustrated designs as well as mixed media compositions that combine photo-manipulations and illustration. I design and illustrate covers for ebooks, paperbacks, hardbacks, and audiobooks.

As well as book covers, I also offer interior book artwork and illustrations to accompany short stories and flash fiction, both in print and online.

I enjoy stories and storytelling. Did you know this website started life as a home to my own short story writing? (But then I discovered I could draw better than I could write good word stuff.)

Whether I am creating a custom cover for an author, or designing a premade cover for a book that doesn’t yet exist, I work hard to incorporate storytelling into my designs. I want people to wonder what is happening, to be intrigued, and to want to pick up the book to find out what is going to happen.

I also make and sell prints celebrating the area of the country in which I live and work. This is a nice creative alternative to my book cover and illustration work and allows me to explore a different style of art. To find out more about my prints please have a look at my online shop.