jon stubbington illustration book cover design

I’m Jon, a UK-based artist and freelance illustrator known for my book illustrations and cover designs

Based in Devon, South West England, I work across several genres, including fantasy, science fiction, and horror, creating fully illustrated designs as well as mixed media compositions that combine photo-manipulations and illustration. I design and illustrate covers for ebooks, paperbacks, hardbacks, and audiobooks.

As well as book covers, I also offer interior book artwork and illustrations to accompany short stories and flash fiction, both in print and online. I also enjoy creating maps for books and can help with social media graphics, banner images, and other marketing materials to help authors share their books with the world.

I enjoy stories and storytelling. Did you know this website started life as a home to my own short story writing? (But then I discovered I could draw better than I could write good word stuff.)

Whenever I am creating a book cover, I work hard to incorporate storytelling into my designs. I want people to wonder what is happening, to be intrigued, and to want to pick up the book to find out what is going to happen. If you would like to work with me on your next book or illustration project, please get in touch via