Publishing a book is about so much more than getting the words down on the page. Of course, that is the most important part. But you also need to get people to read those words.

This is where I can help.

Book covers

Creating book covers is what I do most of and a book cover is the most obvious way in which I can help give your book a visual presence. Once you have your book cover artwork from me then you are free to also use that art to promote your book.

If you order a custom cover from me or purchase one of my premade covers then you will receive a free 3D mock-up of your book that you can use to publicise your book.

If you want additional 3D mock-ups created then you can add this to your package for $20 each.

3d paperback book mockup a striking similarity kevin hopkins


Adding your book cover artwork to a bookmark is a great way to publicise your book and share your cover art with your audience. As long as you are giving away the bookmarks, not selling them, then you are free to use your cover artwork on a bookmark that you design.

If you would like me to design a bookmark for you then I will happily do this for you. Prices start from only $30.

Bookmark designs for Tommy Clark author

Facebook banners

phantom canyon tales

Facebook loves images. But book covers tend to be the wrong size for a Facebook banner. Never fear. I can easily convert your book cover artwork into an image that will fit a Facebook page. That way, your book cover artwork is front and centre whenever a potential customer visits your page.

Prices for Facebook banner images start from $25.

Banners and display images

Getting out in front of your fans is a great way to spread the word about your book. And when you do, you will want something large and eye-catching to grab their attention.

You are free to use your book cover artwork to design a banner or standee to promote yourself at events. If you would like me to design a banner for you then I am happy to do this. Please drop me an email with your requirements and I will give you a quote.

This is one of my regular customers Tommy Clark with the banner I designed for him. Find out all about the work Tommy and I have done together, including the different ways he has used his book art to promote his brand, in this case study.

Are there things I cannot do with my book cover artwork?

There are some restrictions on what you can do. The big one is that you are not allowed to make items to sell using the cover artwork. This could include prints of the cover artwork or t-shirts that feature the cover design. If you want to create merchandise using the cover artwork then please get in touch and we can look at whether we can extend your licence to include this.

If you are unsure about what is or isn’t allowed then please check your Acceptance of Commission document, have a read of my FAQs, or simply drop me an email at and I will be happy to help.

Why are all the prices in US Dollars?

Even though I am based in the UK, many of my customers come from the US and other locations around the world. As of spring 2020, in order to help the writing community easily compare the costs of my services with other cover designers out there, I have started to display my prices in US Dollars.

If you are based in the UK and would like a quote in Pounds then please let me know and I will provide you with the equivalent price in Pounds.