Book covers: cover design by Jon Stubbington

3d promotional book cover on an ipad

Custom book cover design

Ebook covers from £200

Paperback covers from £250

Designed specifically for your book.

See sample covers

3d book cover design example

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What you get

A collaboration with a designer who cares about your book

A ready-to-go ebook cover file, or

A ready-to-go ebook cover file and a full-wrap paperback cover file

A 3D version of your cover to use when promoting your book

Things I will need to know

Information that is useful to know at the start of the design process can include:

What are you publishing? – A printed book, an ebook, or both?
Who are you using to publish your book? – If you are using multiple printers, we may need to create different files for each one – not a problem, just let me know
What are the dimensions for your cover? – I can accommodate changes down the line, however it is handy to know this from the start
What is your book about and what genre will you be marketing it in? – If you can send a sample chapter from the book, that is even better
Which of my examples appealed to you? – This helps me understand the best style to use for your cover
Is this part of a series of books? – We can then consider future books (even if they’re not written yet) and how to accommodate them


After this initial exchange/discussion, I will provide a quote for the work and an Acceptance of Commission contract.

Assuming you are happy with both of these, we can begin to create your cover. I ask for a 50% deposit upfront, with the balance payable at the end of the process once you have confirmed that you are happy with the completed cover. In the unlikely event that you (or I) decide that something isn’t working and we don’t complete the process there will be no more to pay, however the initial deposit will not be refunded.

Sketches, designing, and revisions

I will create some initial sketches for your consideration and, once we have decided on the design, I will work this up into the actual artwork. Again, this will be shared with you for comments and I will then make any required revisions.

We keep revisiting this process until you are happy with the design.

Future changes

I don’t treat this as a one-and-done activity, so you can also get in touch if you experience any issues down-the-line or if you want to expand from just an ebook to a printed cover. There may be some additional costs, depending on what you require, but we will discuss those before you commit to any additional work.

3D covers

I will also provide, for no extra cost, a 3D version of your book cover. It will look a little like this…

3d book cover design example

These 3D versions are a great way to publicise your book.

Put it on your website, plaster it across social media, and see your book gain an added dimension.

The image will be supplied as a PNG file with a transparent background, so you can slot it on top of your existing branding.

And at no additional cost.

I have questions…

Get in touch if there is anything else I can tell you, or if you have any questions about my services.

Check out my page explaining what makes a great cover design