Annie Jane’s Wish

I was asked to provide illustrations for this children’s book from 83-year-old first time author Essie Dodd Martin, who is proving that you’re never too old to publish your first book.

Annie Jane’s Wish is based on the life of Annie Jane Toilver-Ware, shared throughout many generations in author Essie Dodd Martin’s family through the art of oral storytelling. Oral storytelling is how Africans, like the Annie Jane in this story, passed down their rich history to their children.

Annie Jane was growing bigger and bigger each day on Murray’s Farm. Every day as she grew bigger on the farm her secret wish also grew larger in her heart.

So Annie Jane looked up into Granny Jane’s eyes and shyly asked, “Granny, when is my birthday?”…

Travel back in time with Annie Jane as she reveals her ONE WISH in the entire world.

This project included 14 interior illustrations plus full-wrap cover design and illustration for both paperback and hardback versions of the book. Typesetting and formatting were completed by the client.

It’s available now through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.