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Dark skies over Dartmoor

Dartmoor dark sky poster print illustration burrator reservoir milky way

It is International Dark Sky Week 2018 and I am heading out on to Dartmoor after dark to see what I can see. Not only that, I’m also celebrating the beautiful night sky with a new limited run poster print.

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What is a book cover for?

Arguably, it is there to stop you spilling tea on the words inside. But all too often a cover can be a barrier not just to tea, but to the success of your book. And that can’t be a good thing. So let us see what we can do to[…]

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Bigger, greener, quicker

No, not the Hulk. Rather, we’re talking about new and exciting developments in my shop. My Devon and Dartmoor prints are now available in larger A3 sizes, and are printed on 100% recycled paper. That’s incredible!

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Exploring Escher

Zero Flash MC Escher symmetry pattern illustration

Find out about my latest illustration for Zero Flash Magazine. Inspired by MC Escher, I explore his work and get to grips with my own dragon-based illustration.

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