Affordable digital paintings of you, your friends, and family

Perfect as a gift

Available as a digital file only, or as a digital file plus a print of the final painting

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Prices start from £50
Portraits are priced individually – please get in touch for a quote
I can also arrange for your portrait to be printed:
A4-sized +£15
A3-sized +£26

The painting

The painting will be provided as a JPEG file for you to keep and use.

If you would prefer to arrange your own printing, then you can choose to receive the digital painting only.

Paintings can be in a portrait or landscape orientation, depending on which works best for your particular commission.

I work from your photographs. Please send the best quality photographs you can, ideally in high definition and taken in good lighting.


Printing is optional and is available in A4 or A3 sizes.

If you are looking to frame the painting please bear in mind that the mounted/framed size will be bigger again, so an A3 print can end up quite large as a mounted and framed piece.

Paintings are printed on 308gsm archival paper, which should preserve the image for up to 75 years (approximately).

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