The charity Cornwall Hugs Grenfell offers respite holidays to those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire.

In 2017 I contributed artwork and design to their Christmas campaign to raise awareness of their work and to thank those who had supported them in the six months since the fire.

This involved the design and illustration for the charity’s Christmas card, as well as versions to be published online, sent as e-cards, and to be used across social media.

The design incorporates the Grenfell “heart” and “green” motifs, along with iconic Cornish imagery and a message of connectivity and solidarity.

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Kensington march photo courtesy of Cornwall Hugs Grenfell

Jon Stubbington’s work has become a key part of the public face of Cornwall Hugs Grenfell and has contributed significantly to the success of our work in offering respite holidays in Cornwall to those affected by Grenfell Tower Fire.

From his initial response to our appeal for a Christmas greeting in 2017, he has generously and repeatedly given freely of his time and expertise to create images which capture the solidarity between Cornwall and Kensington in the wake of this tragedy.

Listening very carefully to our brief and doing his own complimentary research Jon created very powerful imagery which has been welcomed and used widely by both communities. This is no small feat, given the sensitivity of the subject matter. From the start, I felt Jon put himself and his skills at our service. He listens patiently and very carefully, asking key questions to tickle out what it is that we as the client really want to ’say’. Working in close partnership he has repeatedly been willing to re-work his images to fulfil new needs for the charity, often at very, very short notice.

In the most recent work, he created a ‘single’ cover for our song of remembrance and solidarity, ‘Grenfell From Today’, which then became the ‘brick’ advertisement on the lead page of iTunes and we had very positive feedback from those in the music industry on the calibre and power of the cover.

Jon’s technical understanding and expertise are top of the range and it was only his speed and commitment to our cause, that enabled us to meet the very tight deadlines and specific requirements to ensure timely release of the song before the anniversary of the fire.

We’re very grateful to Jon for the great gift of this work but also for his accompaniment on our journey as a charity and his clear compassion for the people we are serving.

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