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What did I want to be when I grew up?

Firstly, I wanted to be a milkman. Don’t ask, it just seemed like a great idea when I was five. In retrospect, I’m not sure it would have been the most secure of careers.

Later on, when I had moved on from the possibility of a milk round, I decided that I would quite like to write stories. So I did. And they were great. At least, that’s what my mum said.

But it never really struck me as an actual earning-money-kind-of-thing to do. So I studied, and I got a degree, and then a job, and I pretty much stopped writing. Until, one day, I didn’t.

To cut a long story short…

I started writing again, firstly for a blog, and then I began to pen some short stories. I decided I needed a home for my writing and so I set up this website.

Casting around for a name, I settled on Recycled Words. There were, if I do say so myself, some rather nicely thought through sentiments behind that choice. With in place, I also became @recycled_words on twitter and began my reign as Recycled Words.

Drawing it to a close

In 2016 I made the decision to become self-employed. Although ‘milkman’ was out of the running, I did consider writing as an option. Sadly, I couldn’t see how to make money from it at that time so, instead, I set myself up as a freelance artist and illustrator. My new career was underway.

Having built up a modest following as Recycled Words, and with those oh-so-important SEO links in place on this website, I decided to co-opt the Recycled Words brand into service as the mouthpiece for my new business.

I continued as and @recycled_words, and I created both RecycledWordsArt as my Etsy shop and as my facebook identity.

Now, several months later, I have decided that Recycled Words – while still a great name for a writer – just doesn’t do what I need it to do for my illustration and art business. I seem to be having too many conversations along the lines of “So why Recycled Words? What’s that all about?”

A new me

Rather than try a snazzy new name, I have decided to just be me. After all, it’s something I’ve done for most of my life, with varying degrees of success.

From now on, I will be talking to the world as me, as Jon Stubbington, with only the occasional underscore to contend with.

What has changed?

The website – this website – has been picked up, brushed down, and deposited at the new address:

  • The previous website is either in the process of, or has already been (depending on when you’re reading this), redirected to
  • This means that anyone trying to get to a page at should be redirected to the same page over here at

My twitter handle has changed to @jon_stubbington

  • If you followed me at @recycled_words then you don’t need to do a thing
  • You are now automatically following me at the new name
  • Just remember to use @jon_stubbington if you want to send me a tweet

My instagram handle has changed to @jon_stubbington

  • If you followed me at @jonstubbington then you don’t need to do a thing
  • You are now automatically following me at the new name
  • (And, yes, I could have left that one alone, but a little consistency never hurt anyone, and it means I can happily be referred to by the same name on either platform)

My facebook page has changed to @jonstubbingtonartist

  • If you ‘liked’ or followed my page at then you are still following me at the new name
  • You can tag me and message me using @jonstubbingtonartist
  • If my page, or page content, has been shared elsewhere on facebook then it should still point people to my page, at the new name
  • If you type my old facebook url ( into your browser, it will no longer find me – use instead

My shop name has changed to Jon Stubbington Art

  • If you followed my shop as RecycledWordsArt then you are still following me at the new name
  • Any links or bookmarks for RecycledWordsArt should redirect you to the shop at the new name
  • If not, just type in
  • Nothing else has changed at the shop – it has just changed its name

I am trying to tidy up all the links that exist out there in the tangle that is the world wide web, but a few might slip through. If you spot anything glaring that I have missed and want to let me know, please just drop me an email at

Oh yeah! My email address has changed as well. All the old ones are still active, but I will be replying to all enquiries from my new email account.

So that’s that. And this is me. I’m stepping out from under the shadow of Recycled Words and being boldly, confidently, unashamedly, me. So stop looking at me, alright.

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