What are usage terms?

I’m sure there are all sorts of legal explanations but, for me, this page is simply a place where I can let you know what I am happy for you to do with the content on this site. And what I’m not comfortable with.

Artwork and images

I have uploaded artwork and images to this site. These are for your enjoyment as much as they are for me to demonstrate my skills. However, I also make a living from these images both through my shop and (in some cases) through licensing the artwork for commercial use.

Please respect my ownership of these images and my need to protect their copyright. All images on this site are copyright of Jon Stubbington.

I know how easy it is to stumble across an image on the internet, like it, want to share it, take a copy, and pass it on. Please be aware that any sharing of the images from this site may be in breach of my copyright. If you share it and provide a link back to this website (www.jonstubbington.com or www.jonstubbingtonart.com) then I’m not going to mind too much – I’m glad you want to share my work with others. Just make sure it’s for your personal use and you’re not making any money from it. Please don’t do that, that’s my job. Literally.

Some of the images have been watermarked. If you copy one of my images and crop it to remove the watermark then you are stepping over a boundary. Don’t do that. It’s not cool.

If you want to use my images, what should you do?

You might want to use one (or more!) of my images. If so, please ask first. Get in touch using the details on the Contact page, or connect with me on social media, and we can have a chat about what you want to do and whether I can help.

Written content

The page content and the blog posts are all my work (unless clearly marked otherwise). Copyright for those therefore sits with me as well.

Just like the images, please do not reproduce or pass these off as your own. If you want to share a link to them and tell everyone how awesome you think I am, then please go ahead. I’m totally okay with that.

And the website itself?

Credit where credit’s due (that’s the whole point of this page): the website content is mine, the design is the work of OceanWP. (I have previously used the “Vignette” theme from CSS Igniter, the “Resume” theme from Tesla Themes, the “Spacious” theme from ThemeGrill, and the “Cascade” theme from DevPress).

Making sure that the people who have put in the work get the credit, that’s what these usage terms are all about. Thank you for reading them.