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Your information

In order to complete your wholesale order, I need to record information about you for my business records.

This is to allow me to fulfil the order, and to allow me to meet my obligations as far as holding appropriate business records.

As a minimum I will record your name and email address so that we can communicate about this order. I will also record your address information, so that I can post your items to you.

This information is gathered using the “lawful basis for processing contracts”. This means that we have entered into an agreement for me to supply you with items, and I need this information in order to fulfil that agreement.

It also means that I will only use your information in order to fulfil that agreement. I will not use your information for other purposes, such as signing you up to a mailing list.

I will keep hold of your information for six years after the end of the current tax year. This is so that I can meet my obligations here in the UK for holding business records for tax purposes. After that time, your information will be removed.

Most of my records are held within Europe and will not be transferred outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), with the exception of my email records and invoices.

It is possible to pass information out of the EEA where appropriate permissions have been given and precautions are in place. Google’s G Suite, which includes the Gmail email service I use, is certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield framework as meeting specific safeguarding requirements. Please still think carefully about what information you are including when you email me, as email is not a secure form of communication.

I use Paypal to prepare my invoices. Any information entered into Paypal may be transferred outside of the EEA, as Paypal’s servers are located around the world. You will need to confirm to me that you are happy for me to provide your name and email information to Paypal for the purposes of preparing an invoice. Or, if not, please let me know so that we can discuss alternative options.

You have rights to know what information I hold about you, to request updates to that information, as well as to make a complaint if you think it is not being handled appropriately. Find out more about your rights.

If you have been contacted by me regarding my wholesale offering but have not yet ordered from me, I am processing your information using the “legitimate interests” basis.

I have obtained your contact information from publicly-available websites and I believe there is a legitimate commercial reason for contacting you about the possibility of you stocking my items in your shop. This is based on my research into the types of items you already sell and on my assessment that my items may be something you would also like to stock.

Your information is afforded exactly the same protection and you have the same rights as detailed above. If you would like to be removed from my contact list and to not be contacted again, please let me know via jon@jonstubbington.com.